The Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine (CCOM) educates osteopathic physicians to provide compassionate, quality care, promote the practice of osteopathic medicine and lifelong learning, research and service.

The mission will be achieved by meeting the following objectives:

  1. Demonstrating compassionate care
    • Provide instruction in ethics and communication skills
  2. Demonstrating quality educational outcomes
    • Provide instruction in core clinical competencies
  3. Providing osteopathic medical care
    • Provide osteopathic medical care in the MWU Multispecialty Clinic
  4. Educating students in principles of lifelong learning
    • Provide instruction in principles of lifelong learning
  5. Promoting research and scholarly activity
    • Provide instruction in research and scholarly activity
    • Provide elective opportunities for students to participate in research and scholarly activities
  6. Sponsoring service-learning experiences through required CCOM class and club service activities
    • Provide service-learning experiences 
  7. Providing introduction to MWU GME through class presentations
    • Integrate MWU GME exposure into the osteopathic student experience
  8. Providing instructional material and presentations in preparation for residency placement
    • Prepare students for residency placement
  9. Providing faculty development programs