2024 - 2025 Academic Catalog Addendum

Midwestern University 2024-2025 Academic Catalog Addendum

The addendum reflects catalog updates made since the catalog was published on June 1, 2024.

Please note that catalog updates listed on the Addendum will not be reflected in the official pdf version of the entire catalog, accessible from the Catalog Home section. Addendum items are late changes that were approved after the official catalog publishing date of June 1, 2024.

Catalog Editors, Initial Approvers, and Final Approvers who need to request an addendum to the catalog should reach out to the Catalog Administrators in the Office of the Registrar. After an approval process, you will be required to make catalog edits to include these addendum items in the current catalog and also update the active staging site for the next academic year.  

The following updates have been made in the current live catalog and are described in the table below.

Catalog Page Change Description Date of Update
Add name of page and  hyperlink it here This is a test explainer describing the change that was requested and made to the catalog.  this is a test date 6/5/24