Prospective students interested in enrolling in any college of Midwestern University should contact the Office of Admissions at either the Downers Grove or the Glendale campuses to request admissions information and application materials. For specific admission standards of the respective colleges, refer to the appropriate college sections of the catalog. 

Office of Admissions Office of Admissions
Midwestern University
555 31st Street
Downers Grover, IL 60515

Midwestern University 
19555 North 59th Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85308

Admission Deferment

Deferments are only considered under extreme circumstances in which a physical illness or medical condition of the applicant or their immediate family member, or military service precludes the student from beginning classes at the start of the academic year.

For the 2022/2023 academic year only, deferments may also be considered for an international student who is unable to obtain an F-1 visa due to the declaration of a global pandemic. If granted by the Dean, a student may defer their admission for one year only.

To initiate the deferred admissions process, a student must: 

  • Submit their deposit monies by the deposit deadline date designated in the matriculation agreement.
  • Submit a request for deferment in writing to the Program Director and/or College Dean a minimum of 60 days prior to the start of classes. For deferments requests related to physical illness, the request must be accompanied by a letter(s) from a physician(s) documenting the conditions that prevent the student from beginning their full time studies.

Once all appropriate documentation has been received, requests to defer an offer of admission will be reviewed by the Program Director and/or College Dean on a case-by-case basis. The College Dean will respond to a written request with a letter to the student detailing the specific conditions associated with the deferment including the start and end dates of the approved deferment period. The Dean is also responsible for notifying the Director of Admissions of the decision as soon as possible regarding the deferment request.

To end an approved admission deferment, the student must: 

  • Provide a written letter to the College Dean in which the student states an intent to end the deferment and to begin classes. This letter must be received by the College Dean a minimum of 90 days prior to the start of classes.
  • Provide a letter from a physician(s) stating the student can begin full time studies, if the deferment was granted because of physical illness or medical conditions of the student or the student's immediate family member. The letter must be submitted to the Dean at least 90 days prior to the start of classes.

Students that have been granted a deferment are not required to re-apply.

Articulation Agreement Between Midwestern University Programs

At the time of application, students enrolled in a Midwestern University program are guaranteed an admission interview with another Midwestern University program if the student: 

  1. Is in good standing in the academic program in which the student is currently enrolled or has completed the program within the last 12 months prior to the application and does not have any pending misconduct charges against the student;
  2. Meets all admission requirements for the professional program of interest;
  3. After a minimum of one full-time quarter of study, achieves a minimum Midwestern University grade point average, derived from all courses completed at Midwestern University, that is equal to or greater than 3.0; and
  4. Achieves a score on the professional entrance exam that is not less than one standard deviation below the mean score for students who matriculated into the professional degree program in the previous year.

Note: Students must meet all application deadlines for the professional program of interest. A guaranteed interview does not guarantee admission into the professional program.

International Applicants

An international student must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of coursework from a regionally accredited college or university in the United States, or from a recognized post-secondary Canadian institution that uses English as its primary language of instruction and documentation. Of the 30 semester hours, 15 hours must be in the sciences, 6 hours in non-remedial English composition, and 3 hours in speech/public speaking.

Applicants who wish to receive credit for prerequisite coursework completed outside the U.S. or at a Canadian institution that does not use English as its primary language of instruction and documentation must submit an official, detailed, course-by-course evaluation obtained from one of the following evaluation services: 

International applicants who do not provide documentation of acceptable U.S. or Canadian course/degree equivalency will not receive credit, and will be required to complete all prerequisite courses at an accredited college or university in the United States, or at a recognized post-secondary institution in Canada that uses English as its primary language of instruction and documentation.

For clarification about recognized post-secondary institutions in Canada that use English as a primary language of instruction and documentation, international applicants should contact the Midwestern University Office of Admissions.

Matriculation Process

The matriculation process begins after applicants receive notification of their acceptance. To complete the matriculation process, applicants must: 

  1. Submit the matriculation agreement and required deposit monies by the date designated in the matriculation agreement. Deposits are applied towards the first quarter's tuition.
  2. Submit official final transcripts from all colleges attended post-high school by the deadline of two weeks (14 days) prior to the first day of classes. Students who are accepted to MWU less than one month prior to the first day of classes will have 30 calendar days from the date of their acceptance to submit all official transcripts to the Office of Admissions. Any special circumstances or requests for exceptions to this policy must be sent to and approved by the Office of the Dean. Students who fail to submit all official final transcripts by the stated deadline may jeopardize acceptance or continued enrollment in the College. 
  3. Submit completed medical files documenting completion of a physical exam, immunizations, tuberculosis and titer blood testing as instructed by the Office of Student Services and detailed in the Student Handbook.
  4. Meet the Technical Standards for the College.
  5. Submit proof of medical and disability insurance coverage. Students may select either a plan offered by an MWU-approved carrier or a comparable plan offered by an outside carrier of their choice, as determined by the Office of Student Services. Insurance must be maintained throughout the entire period of enrollment.
  6. Submit additional documents as requested by the Office of Admissions or College.
  7. Students who are requesting an F-1 visa or who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents must prepay tuition and in some cases other mandatory program fees for the first year of their educational program 6 weeks before the first day of the first quarter of each academic year. Furthermore, the student must prepay tuition and in some cases other mandatory program fees for each successive year at the start of each academic year on the University’s stated due date.
  8. Submit a signed Credit Policy Statement.
  9. Authorize and pass the MWU criminal background check and/or fingerprinting background check as required by the specific College/Program.
  10. Submit a signed MWU Drug-Free Workplace and Substance Abuse Policy Statement.

Applicants who fail to satisfy these matriculation requirements or who omit or falsify information required on official admission documents automatically forfeit their seat in the program. Any individual accepted for admission to the College/Program who does not comply with stated timelines for submission of all required materials will be notified by the College/Program regarding missing materials and the potential forfeiture of the individual's seat.