PPRAD 1309: Pediatric Pharmacotherapy

College of Pharmacy, Downers Grove Campus
Credits 2.0
This course focuses on issues related to the treatment and care of pediatric patients. By following mock patients from birth through their adolescence, the elective is designed to introduce the students to common illnesses, drug delivery systems used for pediatric patients, and current controversies in pediatric care. Students have the opportunity to select topics of intent that will be covered in a portion of the course.


For those who entered the Doctor of Pharmacy Program in Fall 2016 through Fall 2020: PPRAD 1532 Pharmacotherapeutics I, PPRAD 1661 Pharmacotherapeutics II, PRAD 1662 Pharmacotherapeutics III, PPRAD 1663 Pharmacotherapeutics IV For those entering the Doctor of Pharmacy Program in or after Summer 2021: PHIDD 1502 Integrated Sequence II, PHIDD 1504 Integrated Sequence IV, Concurrent enrollment in PHIDD 1608 Integrated Sequence VIII