PPRAD 1348: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Across Cultures

College of Pharmacy, Downers Grove Campus
Credits 1.0
This course is focused on health promotion and disease prevention in ethnic minority groups. The goal of the course is to augment concepts taught in the curriculum with an emphasis on developing critical thinking skills in the setting of a health screening event in the community. Active learning techniques will be used during class time to improve students' knowledge, skills, and self-confidence when: (1) performing cardiometabolic screenings (e.g. cholesterol, blood glucose, and blood pressure) and (2) providing cross-cultural communication with patients' from different backgrounds.


For those who entered the Doctor of Pharmacy Program in Fall 2016 through Fall 2020: PPRAD 1662 Pharmacotherapeutics III, PPRAD 1681 Clinical Skills I For those entering the Doctor of Pharmacy Program in or after Summer 2021: PHIDD 1504 Integrated Sequence IV, PHIDD 1551 Cultural Care and Public Health, PPRAD 1574 Clinical Skills Development IV