Osteopathic Medicine Curriculum

Instructional Program 

As scientists and practitioners of the healing arts, osteopathic physicians subscribe to a philosophy that regards the body as an integrated whole with structure and function working interdependently. As an extension of this philosophy, osteopathic physicians treat their patients as unique persons with biological, psychological, and sociological needs, an approach that underscores the osteopathic commitment to patient-oriented versus disease-oriented healthcare. In recognition of this approach, CCOM proactively modifies its curriculum to meet the needs of the practice of osteopathic medicine in the 21st century. To that end, the curriculum is being progressively enhanced with increasing alignment and integration of basic science and clinical sciences material. CCOM courses maintain rigorous standards by introducing the course material with interactive presentation methods in the manner that osteopathic physicians approach the patient in the clinical setting.

Total Curricular Credit Hours: 245.5 Minimum

Please Note: CCOM reserves the right to alter its curriculum as appropriate for the essential professional preparation of its students.

* Electives in first and second years are optional. Electives are not necessarily offered during every pre-clinical quarter. There are 24 weeks of mandatory electives in the third and fourth years.

Total Credits